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    curing vanilla beans

    Take your beans out of the bag and spread onto your dehy­dra­tor shelves.

    It was at the end of a row and was being exposed to direct sun at that time and I wrote it off to sun­burn. I’m lean­ing towards dry­ing them in the dehy­dra­tor. Is this a famil­iar prob­lem, and what can I do about it. The beans are in beau­ti­ful condition.

    Solar dehy­dra­tor not in the sun, sim­i­lar loca­tion: high off the ground or over con­crete, this is to avoid dew, which comes up from the ground. Next we thaw the beans and get rid of any frost. Thank you Roland. I have heard of this hap­pen­ing for grow­ers in Florida, I’ve had sev­er­al grow­ers ask me about this, but I don’t know the rea­son. The first step is called “killing” and what it does is stop the ripen­ing process and open the cell walls to release the enzymes and vanillin pre­cur­sors. The top leaves got burned, died and shriv­eled up. That would keep me busy!

    What you’re describ­ing could be necro­sis caused by a virus. We’ve been doing this for 2 months now, and some of the ear­li­est beans to go into stor­age are ready for sale or to be made into one of our vanil­la prod­ucts, such as extract or syrup.

    I seal the bags, gen­tly press­ing out some of the air first. The stick­i­ness should dry some…probably not all the way dry for the first few cycles. Normally ‚what is the dry­ing ratio of green Vanilla bean to a cured dry vanil­la bean ? This hap­pened once last year but only to one orchid. I was­n’t lov­ing the cool­er & hot water jug set­up, and since the beans are in a sealed plas­tic bag when they’re not in the dehy­dra­tor, I’ve been using my Anova sous vide set up to keep them at a steady 115 degrees. Within a cou­ple of weeks, you’re see­ing most of the full size the bean is going to achieve. […] arti­cle is an addi­tion to the 2‑part How to Cure Vanilla Beans […]. The beans may be a bit oily (the “oil” is real­ly glu­cose) to the touch at the end of the 18 days, and they will have begun to shrink and get lon­gi­tu­di­nal wrin­kles. The beans are the largest and most beau­ti­ful I have ever seen!!! Dehydrator with fan on and heat off. The aro­ma was very strong and sweet & remind­ed me of vanil­la caramels. Take your beans out of the bag and spread onto your dehy­dra­tor shelves. After the hour of dehy­drat­ing, put the beans back into their bag (don’t be tempt­ed to replace, wash or dry the bag, just re-use the wet bag), and then into the sweat box. The beans are going to stay in the sweat box for 48 hours at first. The beans are grad­ed at this point, divid­ed into the two grades by size, mois­ture con­tent, and appearance. The beans falling off hap­pened ear­ly in the sea­son, not lat­er on.I haven’t seen any yet this year, but it may be too soon. I received the vanil­la today and was so blown away by the fra­grance when I opened the ship­ping enve­lope! In Part 1, I explained how to har­vest and pre­pare the beans for cur­ing, and what equip­ment you’ll need. I was also exper­i­ment­ing with ripen­ing the beans on the plant itself (till they take a light brown col­or) and then keep them for dry­ing. The grade A beans are bun­dled and placed in the con­di­tion­ing box for anoth­er 7 months, so there is a total of 9 months of con­di­tion­ing after the dry­ing is com­plete. Any sug­ges­tions would be helpful. Between each cycle is 1 hour in the dehy­dra­tor. Vanillin is the fla­vor and aro­ma of vanil­la and glu­cose is an essen­tial nat­ur­al preser­v­a­tive to pre­vent the bean rot­ting or molding.

    The sweat is going to take 18 days from when you first put the beans into the sweat box. Any chance you can make videos and post them to youtube? The cool­er needs to be big enough for the two gal­lon jugs, leav­ing room for your cur­ing vanilla. Planifolia is the one most wide­ly used for vanil­la production.
    Last beans I received were beau­ti­ful with loads of seeds and smelled amazing!

    This does not take grad­ing into account, once the beans are grad­ed, it will be less…but that real­ly depends on a lot of fac­tors, so it’s hard to say what that will be. These wrin­kles are some­thing you are going to focus on when assess­ing the progress of a bean as it cures. The beans are a good size, moist and have an oily shine. The sweat­ing vanil­la will go on top of the tow­el, which pre­vents it from sit­ting in any mois­ture that might col­lect on the bot­tom of the cooler. Hi Roland, Great “How To” infor­ma­tion with sim­ple expla­na­tions and your respons­es to Replies answered one of my ques­tions. Thank you so much for my Vanilla beans, they were deliv­ered today and smell awe­some!!! Could you use a food dehy­dra­tor for a sweat box? If you’re inter­est­ed in how to build a sweat box like I use, I’ll write that up, it would be good content. This is not a reli­able test, how­ev­er, as it is nor­mal for the bean col­or to vary depend­ing on a lot of fac­tors. The freez­er is to store your ripe beans until they can be cured. The sweat has con­di­tioned the beans so they are pre­served and sta­ble as far as spoilage is con­cerned, so we are not in a hur­ry to dry them. A ripe vanil­la bean will be yel­low­ing at the tip and show­ing the ear­ly signs of split­ting, or it’s begin­ning to split. The col­or is anoth­er way to gauge the dry­ness: it will get dark­er, usu­al­ly going from dark brown to almost black. Next, we’ll go through how to sweat, dry and age the beans. These vanil­la beans are excel­lent quality. Also any small beans or beans that are split more than 1/2 inch. Lower tem­per­a­tures are OK, but once it gets into the low 90s, refill the water jugs. I’m in Florida, zone 10a. The stick­i­ness will fade as the cur­ing con­tin­ues, but the beans will stay a bit oily to the touch. Getting this right is a mat­ter of expe­ri­ence, so do your best and pay atten­tion to the results. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). I don’t see any­thing about this in my agri­cul­tur­al man­u­als, the next log­i­cal step would be to con­tact the Ag exten­sion of the University of Florida to find some­one knowl­edge­able to ask about this spe­cif­ic issue. The opti­mal tem­per­a­ture is 115℉, so the clos­er it stays to that temp, the bet­ter.

    We make two dif­fer­ent types of extract: one, a 100% local extract using Koloa Rum, made on the west side of Kauai. This takes some expe­ri­ence to get right, but you can squeeze the bean between your fin­gers to get a sense of what the mois­ture lev­el inside is. The aro­ma of the beans will go from sharp and flo­ral at first, to a kind of (what I call) “leath­ery” smell. After curing and drying, vanilla beans may be ground and the particulate material used as food flavoring, for instance in vanilla flavored ice cream or vanilla flavored granulated sugar; or the dried and cured beans may be ground and vanillin and other flavoring constituents extracted there-from in conventional liquid extraction processes. 18 days will be next Friday. I can’t say with much accu­ra­cy how fast they will dry in your dehy­dra­tor, but you will want to check them every day. The grade B beans in part will be sold as grade B beans, but most will be used to make extract. beans curing vanilla green drying Prior art date 1964-04-27 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion. Next, we’ll go through how to sweat, dry and age the beans. Label the bag with the date, and place in the sweat box, on the tow­el between the hot water jugs. All of a sud­den there is a 3 inch sec­tion that has turned brown and with time it atro­phy’s into a dead area area and even­tu­al­ly the rest of the vine dies. Just cure them along with all the oth­ers, they’ll dry out a bit faster, but are fine to use for extract once cured.

    That is a sign things are going well. Is this nor­mal? As each bean ripens, put them into a freez­er bag in your freez­er until all your beans have ripened. Ripe vanil­la beans, once picked, should be cured right away. I was search­ing for how to cure vanil­la beans and came across this one. Aloha, Lynn Lincoln. Vanilla bean green grades are by length: grade I is 150mm and over, grade II is 150 — 100mm, and grade III is less than 100mm.

    Pics of ripe beans helped me tremen­dous­ly since this is the first crop of vanil­la beans. What I look for is some­thing like what you’d expect a soft dried fruit (such as an apri­cot) to feel like. I know what you mean about the pol­li­na­tion, even with all the videos out there, it took us a while to get it. I sug­gest you test the tem­per­a­ture to get the right set­ting before putting the beans right on the pad. A fin­ished bean will still be soft, but it should not feel “slip­pery” inside, as though the insides were still liq­uid. We fin­ished pol­li­nat­ing The last orchids two weeks ago. As in Mexico, curing of vanilla is carried out by specialist firms rather than by the vanilla growers. The beans sit in the alco­hol for a min­i­mum of 6 months before we begin to sell them.

    Once the 48 hours (or so–no need to be exact) is up, we cycle the beans through the dehy­dra­tor. This is the first year we are get­ting a full har­vest out of the vanillery. They were exposed to direct sun for almost two days. I live on Oahu’s east side, and have 13 beans, rang­ing in size from skin­ny 4″ to plump 8″. In gen­er­al, you’re going to get 30% of your green har­vest weight in cured beans. Wherein grows the fruit of the vine divine. The online tuto­ri­als I looked at for pol­li­nat­ing were less than stel­lar. The beans have turned brown and the lon­gi­tu­di­nal wrin­kles are start­ing to appear. If you’re mak­ing extract, bet­ter to let the bean get drier.

    In most cas­es, if it’s not ful­ly wrin­kled, it’s not ready yet. Keep the lid closed. Do you give tours, or can we see your farms? So the beans need to be picked when the tip turns yellow, the beans will be cured and dried, then stored in wax paper, in a zip-lock bag or wooden box, with all vanilla beans stored together. To check the mois­ture lev­el, look close­ly at the wrin­kled sur­face of the bean. Of course there will be online retail sales, and per­haps a cou­ple of shops on the island will car­ry our vanil­la products. Refill the hot water jugs with hot water. This is also when you will select out your beans for mak­ing extract. Best of luck with your crop! Anna. Refill the hot water jugs with hot water. It also helps ensure that we don’t overdry the beans. Label the bag with the date of the last bean to go in there. The vanil­la extract I have made is sim­ply “WOW!” the rich­ness is beyond what I expected…. Your beans are in plas­tic bags, but the mov­ing air will still remove mois­ture from the beans (plas­tic bags are slight­ly porous) and dry them too quickly. Stage 1: Dipping. In the next part, we get into how to com­plete the sweat­ing process and how to dry and age the beans…, […] Part 1, I explained how to har­vest and pre­pare the beans for cur­ing, and what equip­ment you’ll […]. My vines will be out­side under a shade house. However, be care­ful, because it’s nor­mal for the flow­er­ing and new beans to be com­ing in before all of the pre­vi­ous year’s beans have ripened…so there can be some over­lap.

    Getting a good cure out of your beans can be a lit­tle chal­leng­ing, but hope­ful­ly, this guide will make it easier. These vanil­la beans are excel­lent quality. In the pho­to, I’m hold­ing one of the biggest beans I’ve ever seen, 240mm in length and weigh­ing in at 33 grams. You want the sweat to coat all the beans, so keep­ing in all the mois­ture will help with that.
    I pol­li­nat­ed my first bloom just 2 months ago and I’m read­ing it’s a 9 month long grow­ing process. This is very dif­fi­cult advice to give, because each local­i­ty is going to have its own ways of buy­ing and sell­ing local­ly grown vanil­la. The Grade B Hawaiian vanil­la beans are very nice.

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