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    fascination in a sentence

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    Mankiw has had an abiding intellectual fascination with A W Phillips '1958 postulation of a trade-off between wage inflation and unemployment.

    Many cruise ships hold the fascination of guests for reasons, such as the most activities, the best service, the nicest cabins, or the best food. This fascination with Edward and Bella has also spurred the imagination of many to write Twilight fan fiction. The rest of us will gaze upon this with a mixture of amusement, Most of them were untrained, unaffiliated, unspecialized writers whose common trait was a, Unexpected and unsought, the sensation of awe has aroused fear as well as, The perfumes from the Australian mints, boronias, ziaras and other plants are always a, The strange bond that we recognise as the human-animal bond has long been a subject of, Olive is an ordinary but unconquerably optimistic girl with a, In this collection he searches for the skull of Mary, for whom he had some, A casual view of some of our articles might suggest a morbid, Despite our hatred of the whole process, we still had this morbid, Watching the best players in the world right now mostly failing to match up to the requirements has provided a morbid kind of, It seems that the web and politics have become my current, Through it all and to the bitter end he continued to exert a strange, But if it tries the moviegoer's patience, the film never cedes its, They negotiate the dicey line between mimicry and mockery partly by dint of, Regrettably, it seems to have mesmerized my daughter, who responds with a mixture of, In this exhibition, her first ever, she has combined her love of drawing and painting with her, Shane took a seat beside her and she watched in, The new spring exhibition features two Highland artists with a, Many in the field of reproductive medicine shared his hopes and fears as well as his, As long as domesticated TV reigns supreme, our, But all in all, I could understand hot-air balloon aviators', Moving over to sit next to him, I looked on with, The traditional Chinese nets, landscapes and huts by the river or backwaters are evocative of a child's, Like most expats, however, he tempers his, It schematically deploys a fictional framework to speculate on Toscanini's hatred of Mussolini and the latter's, What if the attraction is an atavistic throwback to the prehistoric human, The harmonies become slightly more astringent, and one hears a new, Catherine's own interest in art deco style dates back to the 1980s, although her, Brian Henry, a younger poet, shares with Palmer a, The colourful, fat tubular flowers of the Antirrhinum, with their snapping 'dragon mouths', have long held a, The idea of a liaison with such an older man seemed to hold a, Indeed, Bizet's Carmen represents a prime example of the continued European, Their adventurous and inquisitive nature explains their, North American jazz-derived bands have not shown much, Although never a classically handsome frontman, the wild-eyed, razor-thin Cave suddenly found himself an object of female, Perhaps now you can appreciate my earlier, There's nothing, though, that would necessarily explain his aberrant, With its formulaic plot of intrigue and power struggles, the current drama at Scottish Screen has been a source of much, If anything, women's basketball should work to prove that they're above the, Too often, free flowing emotions of sympathy dissipate with the initial, He was always falling in love, and I want to see an analogy between his falling in love so desperately, so intensely, and his, His poems display a vigorous and energetic, The nine large oil paintings and six smaller studies in ink on paper interpret the fear and, But in a world where people are interested in the Kardashians, why should we be mystified by the, Somewhat elliptically but passionately in his still-halting but intense English, he explains his, The extraordinary price for the ostentatious gown proves that, As the power struggle between the Paris-born merchant prince and the Brooklyn-born whiz has played out, rivals have watched with, Several times a day, you'll catch them gazing at it in unapologetic, The relationships between bifoliate, bilobed, and uni- foliate leaves in Bauhinia have been a, There was, however, more than this in his, For the reader who doesn't share Harrison's, For a desert people winds, rain, thunder, lightening, hurricanes, thunderbolts, whirlwinds, and other meteorological phenomena held tremendous, A little finger explored the button on Stray's hat with, The first vessels moved away from the docks while canvas crept up the masts and sails were sheeted home, and they watched in, The obvious impossibility of this task only adds to its, He abandoned his work on alchemy, his most recent, But by far the most interesting object, which held enormous, In a city teeming with bankers, actuaries, brokers and insurance men, the manner in which you invest your savings is a subject of endless, I am not convinced by her argument that peroxided hair came into vogue in the early 1920s, nor that the national, Open sea and clear skies was all very well when teaching a new crewmember the ropes and they never lost their, From time immemorial, the moon has been a, I saw you offered advice to Jon Hamm about how to handle the, You can tell that someone thought this off-putting tale of modern mob mentality and teen occult, What worries me is that the designed world might become so hermetic and the signifiers of functionality so appropriated that the opportunity for that, This text is seen by Jameson as key to understanding Brecht's critical reflections on dialectics and his orientally informed, I used to travel quite a bit, because I had a gallery in London dealing with oriental art, and it was important to visit areas that held such a, I have that album as a constant reminder that one can regard an artist's entire canon with disinterest, but love one work with intense, Although we watch the behavior of the super-rich with goggle-eyed, The contrast between the sweet screen versions of these women and their increasingly loopy and bitter personal lives adds, rather unkindly, to the, In doing so, it reflects the manner in which Kafka himself has gradually become indistinguishable from the obscure, These days many parents do discourage their children from such a, I was reminded of a study that suggests children who develop a, My sense of harmony, abrupt juxtapositions of texture, polyphonic approaches to rhythm, and voicing, probably have a lot to do with this relatively early, Indeed, in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous, the case has been a source of particular, The book tells a spellbinding story of a man with eccentricities that went well beyond a, He takes a protective but also frankly spectatorial interest in the lives of his tenants, following their dramas with the, Those two aspects of Spartan culture and society by themselves make Sparta worthy of our continued study, but they far from exhaust Sparta's, The first of those questions is a matter of personal, A man of powerful intellect and great energy, Casey was an unreconstructed Cold Warrior with a penchant for action and a, When you see these identical birds through his, The book is done and heading to print but my, And their respective physical appearances, which have become objects of, Yet it is the absence of concrete, compelling details that allows these poems to get bogged down in their juvenile, Last week saw the launch of Ireland's first ever dedicated crime magazine, a publication that aims to tap into the public's, In the pre-millennial run-up, this popular, The sea unquestionably remains a place of endless mystery and, Lacklustre reviews had primed me for disappointment with this one, and perhaps that's why, as I turned each page, my delight and, Largely ignored as a group in favor of the country's ongoing, Retina Dance Company presents contemporary pieces inspired by our prevailing, All the genre paintings evince a personal, Fortunately, good sense intervened and I eventually got an education, but my, Quite frankly, it all sounded a little far-fetched as I read the back of my trial pack, but the idea of pheromones has always held something of a, Anyone keen to learn the secrets of cryptic crosswords will find more than enough clues in this charming memoir, which traces Balfour's own growing, After broken hearts, geography is country music's biggest, The founding fathers and mothers had deep, As a paleontologist, he obviously understands the public.

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