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    is smallable fake

    So if this is the case I rather cancel the shipment. I made a claim. I’ve been trying to reach someone at Smallable for a question about a product and they don’t reply. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS… PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY READ ALL THE REVIEWS SHOCKING SERVICE!!!! Will it take Smallable’s delivery service long to send the items to your home? I telephoned them and they did not answer. The item I purchased on Sep 6th hasn't shipped yet. Don’t buy from this shop! I placed 2 orders, one arrived with a missing item but I contacted the customer service and they shipped it the same day. Ich kann nur jeden warnen, hier zu bestellen! Get to know the best online shops and service providers from the impressions they with people. But when I want to finish my purchase, the voucher isn’t working.

    Reviews, complaints and customer experiences (13). Ich habe hier vor 2 Monaten einen Rucksack bestellt und bezahlt. Write your own personal review and tell us all about it. Ich habe Smallable zufällig entdeckt, auf der Suche nach einem bestimmten Kinderwagen.Da ich den Artikel 2x zurückschicken musste( kein Fehler von Smallable), musste ich mehrmals mit dem Team korrespondieren, zuerst telefonscher Kontakt und jetzt per mail. If so, then you can place your order on the Smallable website with confidence. Of course- no one is responding back to me now. Smallable delivers to every major country in the world within 48 hours of your purchase from Tuesday through Saturday. Leider habe auch ich keine guten Erfahrungen gemacht.Seit zwei Wochen versuche ich, eine Lampe in eine andere Farbe umzutauschen, ich erhalte immer nur eine Antwort mit der Frage nach der Farbe. But what kind of shop is this? WORST SERVICE and website. What will the quality of their outfits be? Wir hatten ein Kinderfahrrad bestellt. And 5 weeks have gone by and I have no bed and no refund. Not only did they send it with the same courier, but it got lost again, they never did the refund and the code for the next purchase didn't work. Valid for 1 month, only on non-sales items and with a minimum purchase of 50 EUR. Beim zweiten Mal wurde mir mitgeteilt, dass ein UPS-Kurier den Artikel bei mir abholen würde. So I did that. I placed and paid my order on the 9th august. :) Will order again when the opportunity arises. Ich habe andere Komentare gelesen und war überrascht über manchen negativen Erfahrungen, aber vielleicht hatte ich nur Glück und auf die beste und netteste Mitarbeiterin von Smallable geraten!Ich fühle mich als Kunde sehr geschätzt und werde sicher weiter bei Smallable bestellen!Maximaler Punktenzahl! It is a family concept-store that provides its clients with more than 800 fashion and home décor designer brands and 30 000+ items including fashion, decoration, furniture, toys, and books. my order number is: N°4896481 in your last email (about FIVE DAYS AGO) you wanted from my copy of my ID national card and signed document where I swear that I didnt received my blouse which i paid for! Extremely disappointing service.

    Customers now get to decide which brands are worthy and which are not! Via their experiences, remarks, comments, opinions and ratings you can get a better view of Smallable and decide for yourself if this is the best slothing shop for you and your children or not. And surprise surprise - the size was not correct. I do NOT recommended ordering from this website. If you have any queries, they can only get back to you within 48h or so they claim. This is so disturbing. It also won’t let me cancel my order so I can get my money back!

    Leider gab es kein Entgegenkommen des Kundenservices und eine Rücksendung wäre nur mit erheblichen eigenen Kosten möglich! Figured I would give this website a try...Can someone please help?

    Hinzu kommt, dass die Versandkosten doch recht hoch sind und der Kunde die hohen Retour-/Rücksendekosten selber tragen muss, was ich auch eher unüblich und unprofessionell finde. © 2020 Trustpilot A/S. Thank you so much for this detailed description. Here is my mistake, I should have not purchased anything from a shop does reply to its customers the way they replied to me. I would not buy from them again. I ordered a coat for £200 and after 1 week it still said “awaiting payment” then I tracked it and said it would be with me in 1-2 business days so after 4 days I checked back and it said it hadn’t been payed for. Aber dafür kann der Anbieter ja nichts.

    No response from you and we're going on almost three weeks of no response. It cost them US$13 to ship the package to me. This will mean that Paypal will not refund me. Er ist dann tatsächlich gekommen. Smallable, das ist auch Inspiration – mit unserem Online-Magazin, mit dem Sie die Trends in der Kindermode verfolgen können und jene Modeschöpfer, die die Damenmode auf den Kopf stellen, oder die neuen Talente in internationalem Design und zeitgenössischer Dekoration entdecken können. No reply while they keep uploading posts on their wall. Schade, denn die Klamotten sind cool. ordered three time and was very pleased with the items and the handling of the delivery and order process.Definitely will be ordering again and highly recommend! My ceramic bowl was received completely smashed even though they wanted £9 for delivery. You cannot answer to anything they send. Read reviews about their teen clothes, women's clothes, home decor & toys. They also have a customer service that might help you out. However, it will not be shipped even after a week. :(. Manche haben es einfach immernoch nicht verstanden. I don’t understand what’s wrong, so I send their customer service an email. I promptly sent the documents on the 26 th august and never got an answer from them!! Fehlerhafte Produktbeschreibung. mit einem professionellen Logistik-Dienstleister zusammenarbeiten, wenn man selbst dazu augenscheinlich nicht im Stande ist.Auf meine Mail vom 03.06 habe ich nur eine kurze Antwort bekommen, mit der Bitte Smallable den Postbeleg zukommen zu lassen, was ich umgehend tat. Die Rücksendung ist sehr teuer. The phone numbers - you'll be lucky if you manage to reach them. In the meantime the dont have the courtesy to respond to my emails or calls. If not you can find many other brands to read about on our website! They asked me for the tracking numbers which I supplied I then heard NOTHING from them. Leider kann man nicht null Sterne geben! Jetzt habe ich anstelle dessen 2 grauenhafte und billige Sonnenbrillen erhalten. Definitely will be ordering again and highly recommend! To top it off, it came earlier than expected! Within a day or so (fast) I receive the answer that the voucher isn’t valid on sales items. Thanks for being so helpful! Their lack of customer care is shocking. Everything was perfect! ORDER N° 4764679 How long should I wait.

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