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    network security assessment checklist

    Use your wireless network to establish a guest network for visiting customers, vendors, etc. Thomas Macadams February 28, 2012 at 2:51 am. One hole in any one of these spots can effectively bring most of the others down. are all updated whenever there is a change so that if you do need to look something up on a user, you have what you need, and not their phone number from seven years ago when they were first hired. Make sure all workstations are fully up to date before they are deployed, update your master image frequently, and ensure that all workstations are being updated by your patch management system. That makes it much easier to track down when something looks strange in the logs. iAuditor, the world’s most powerful auditing app, can help IT managers and network security teams in any industry or organization conduct network security audits anytime, anywhere. Never let this be one of the things you forget to get back to. Perform regular reviews of your remote access audit logs and spot check with users if you see any unusual patters, like logons in the middle of the night, or during the day when the user is already in the office. For a small company it can be used verbatim, while for a large one there might need to be some additions but all in all, awesome work, thank you! Make sure contact details, job titles, managers, etc. STAY AWAY FROM TORRENT-BASED WEBSITES. Create a server deployment checklist, and make sure all of the following are on the list, and that each server you deploy complies 100% before it goes into production. Block account after too many failed logon attempts. Create as many OUs as you need to accommodate the different servers, and set as much as possible using a GPO instead of the local security policy. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful knowledge! Remove unnecessary files/programs. I’ve been a white hacker for several years now and these two network security methodologies are a must for both the server and the workstations. Make sure all equipment on the network can support WPA2, or upgrade the equipment. Quite an exhaustive list, but that’s the kind of thorough attention to detail that is necessary when reviewing network security. These procedures can also be analyzed in order to find systematic faults in how a company interacts with its network. That person is also the second pair of eyes, so you are much less likely to find that something got missed. Use an SSID that cannot be easily associated with your company, and suppress the broadcast of that SSID. If you are going to do split tunneling, enforce internal name resolution only to further protect users when on insecure networks. Download GFI LanGuard free for 30 days today. Adam Loveland February 25, 2012 at 1:31 pm. Protecting the network and its traffic from inappropriate access or modification is the essence of network security. If you want a short introduction to network security audits you can watch the video below: Use the form fields to record the checklist information. Consider using two factor authentication, like tokens, smart cards, certificates, or SMS solutions, to further secure remote access. From these threats, the toughest for me are torrent-based infections and attacks. Conducted by IT managers and network security teams, it helps uncover and mitigate costly threats to an organization’s network and data assets. Scanning exceptions need to be documented in the server list so that if an outbreak is suspected, those directories can be manually checked. Especially when the torrent client is sharing files to others. Conducting network security audits can help proactively reinforce cybersecurity and avoid costly IT incidents. Always check if anti-malware is updated and running periodic scans to protect the organization’s assets from potential threats. Set appropriate memberships in either local administrators or power users for each workstation. Your network infrastructure is easy to overlook, but also critical to secure and maintain. If you have more servers than you can count without taking off your shoes, you have too many to manually check each one’s logs by hand. Make sure all your VM hosts, your Active Directory PDC emulator, all of your network gear, your SEM, your video camera system, and your other physical security systems are all configured to use this same time source so that you know correlation between events will be accurate. We use cookies to offer you our service. The more ways to get into a workstation, the more ways an attacker can attempt to exploit the machine. Use VLANs to segregate traffic types, like workstations, servers, out of band management, backups, etc. This checklist can be used for all Windows installations. Then update it gradually – things that become second nature can be removed and new things you encounter should get added. This security checklist is awesome. No production data should ever get onto a server until it is being backed up. If you look at every major hack that has hit the news in the past couple of years, from TJ Max to Target to Premera to the Office of Personnel Management…one thing could have prevented them all. This can really help businesses for their network security. Never assign permissions to individual users; only use domain groups. Perform regular vulnerability scans of a random sample of your workstations to help ensure your workstations are up to date. Network Security Audit Checklist | iAuditor. Run this network security audit checklist every time you perform a check on the effectiveness of your security measures within your infrastructure. Remember, not every browser will honor GPO settings and not every app will process what’s in a PAC or WPAD. However, it is possible that someone could set up access points not on that band. A great resource for policy starter files and templates is the SANS Institute at http://www.sans.org. Use the most secure remote access method your platform offers. Have another run at least once a month that identifies accounts that have been disabled for 90 days, and deletes them. It’s a text file, it could contain code that executes when it is open. Dynamic testing is a more tailored approach which tests the code while the program is active. Here are some of the most common network security risks and the recommended solutions to mitigate them: Malware, such as computer viruses, spyware, trojans, worms, etc., are constant threats to the network and other information technology assets. There is no excuse for letting any laptop or portable drive out of the physical confines of the office without encryption in place to protect confidential data. Enter as many vulnerabilities observed as needed and fill out the fields, attach optional photos or flow diagrams, and provide the risk rating and recommend controls for each threat. Backups are worthless if they cannot be restored. If the wrong user simply reads a file, bad things could happen. Of course, neither was most of the government. How about VoIP phones, IP cams, mobile phones, etc? I recommend the built-in terminal services for Windows clients, and SSH for everything else, but you may prefer to remote your Windows boxes with PCAnywhere, RAdmin, or any one of the other remote access applications for management. Set strong account lockout policies and investigate any accounts that are locked out to ensure attackers cannot use your remote access method as a way to break into your network. Review the rules, permissions, and logs to find any unnecessary holes. Unlimited reports and storage for premium accounts. If there is no procedure management system in place, consider looking to implement a SaaS product like Process Street. This can often discover flaws which the static testing struggles to uncover. Using this checklist as a starting point, and working with the rest of your IT team, your management, human resources, and your legal counsel, you will be able to create the ultimate network security checklist for your specific environment. Provide your users with secure Internet access by implement an Internet monitoring solution. But since they are also the reason we have IT and more to the point…a job…we need to make sure we take care of them and they take care of us. This security audit is engineered to provide a global overview of the needs of the network, yet you might find that within certain tasks there is space for a further process or need for a process. Configure your vulnerability scanning application to scan all of your external address space weekly. There should be evidence that employees have followed the procedures. Otherwise, you never know when you might accidentally click something that runs with those elevated privileges. Or you can watch this video below for an introduction. Use this for the risk assessment of new information technology assets to ensure that all risks are assessed and corresponding control measures are put in place to protect network security. Roger Willson February 27, 2012 at 9:15 am. You can review different options available here: Best Encryption Software 2017. Customize iAuditor network security audit templates to fit the needs of your organization. Organize your workstations in Organizational Units and manage them with Group Policy as much as possible to ensure consistent management and configuration. As an experienced senior network administrator for more than eight years, I’ve encountered some of the toughest network security risks there is. Make sure you take regular backups of your configurations whenever you make a change, and that you confirm you can restore them. Easy. It’s a bad idea to download files (mp3s, videos, games, etc) from websites that host torrents.

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