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    sumatran palm civet

    strong smell. I repeatedly queried why the price had risen so much but the only explanation was that fuel prices had risen as had the national park entry fees. confirmed my suspicion that it's a civet. It was not like that in the old days. Torrential rain started at dusk and continued until almost midnight so we decided to sleep early and try for a night walk at 3 a.m. Long-tailed Macaque: Very common along the river and the road. The Masked Palm Civet is native to Himalayan South Asia and much of Southeast Asia. I haven’t been able to find a recording of a Sun Bear but the literature says their call may be confused with a male Orangutan and perhaps that is what we were hearing (though Johan really ought to know and was convinced we had heard a Honey Bear). It was perched too He said he saw pangolins on 50% of his night walks, Sun Bears (which he insisted were a different species, the Honey Bear) were common too.

    We had to be rescued. We were too tired to stay out long, and it was raining, but we did see a couple of Small-toothed Palm Civets and a Large Flying Fox feeding in a planation close to the road. The Palawan Litter Frog is one of the many species deeply affected by the changing environment in Palawan. Evening (including a boat trip): Southern Red Muntjak, Prevost’s Squirrel, Lesser Mouse Deer, Greater Mouse Deer, Silvered Langur, Long-tailed Macaque, Otter Civet, Island Flying Fox, Pen-tailed Treeshrew, Banded Palm Civet, Red Giant Flying Squirrel, Southern Red Muntjak.

    hen its natural wild food get scarce, it also visits the immediate vicinity of farmhouses and prey on chickens. Palawan Indonesia, 2016: Richard Webb, 2 weeks & 44 species including Western Tarsier, White-bearded Gibbon, Irrawaddy Dolphin and some nice bats. Lesser False Vampire Bats, Megaderma spasma, Way Kambas. Johan was ready to take us for a night drive. July or August. Silvered Langur: We saw a few along the jeep track, but they were very common along the river during the boat trips.

    I was sceptical but this did sound like the sort of noise I’d expect a Sun Bear to make. Palm Civets are named after their tendency to drink palm sap, but they are omnivores eating insects, rodents, animal was resting on a branch after having feasted on a ripe Marang Interestingly Hari said that they sometimes appear to be attracted to – or confused by – the torch beam.

    Lesser Asian Sheathtail Bat: One culvert under the middle jeep track housed this species. Hari has seen them several times with several being “more than 10” (though I suspect not much more than 10).

    A big thank you again to Hari for working so hard and spotting so much for us. We were charged $4600 for 3 people for five days and nights (based on Richard’s costs I’d initially expected to pay less than half of that). Richard’s report has a lot of great information and I won’t repeat it here.

    I rested for the rest of the day though Tomer walked the road in the mid afternoon and saw several Thomas’s Langurs and Orangutans at the roadside. Johan spotted our first Orangutans within 30 minutes and we had absolutely fabulous views of a mother and baby. Communication with the driver was sometimes more than a little fraught. rainforest. They are seen every so often, sometimes along the road or the river, but no one area seems any better or worse for them. RFI on Way Kambas, Sumatra (April, 2011). I returned inside the house, This was much more effective.

    We caught and measured the animals and, with a forearm of just over 45mm, they ought to be E. alecto rather than E. monitcola. Taking food to the Rhinos at the breeding centre. Plantain Squirrel Callosciurus notatus, photo Jean-Michel Bompar. Sumatra, 2011: Carmen and Torbjorn Lundqvist, 3 weeks & 27 species including Sumatran Orangutan, Thomas’s Leaf Monkeys and Mitred Langurs. Shown is the Sumatran White-masked Palm Civet, also, bizarrely, called the White-bearded, native to forests on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. particularly attractive. There is basically no chance of seeing a Tiger or a rhino and a very small chance of a pangolin though here, as everywhere, it seems that any pangolin spotted by many of the locals would likely be caught and sold. So while I wanted to believe him it all seemed a little too good to be true.

    Many people see Malaysian Porcupines but we weren’t lucky. Since 2008, it is IUCN Red Listed as Least Concern as it accommodates to a broad range of habitats. And so we decided to head back to the guest house for breakfast, which quickly became head back to the guesthouse forever. Pig-tailed Macaque: We saw a few along the river and the road. Masked Palm Civet: The most commonly seen civet by us at Way Kambas and seen most night drives. Whenever we stopped we’d be enveloped in a fog of thick diesel fumes.

    I would like to have had a better view but we were also trying hard to see a Marbled Cat so didn’t spend as much time as we could have. went out to investigate. Evening: Lesser False Vampire Bat, Annandale’s Rat, Common Palm Civet, Sambar, Red Giant Flying Squirrel, Lesser Mouse Deer, Greater Mouse Deer, Southern Red Muntjak. On our last night, Hari left half of the crew behind and commandeered the driving for himself. were abundant in the farm, civet always goes for fruits and never wandered

    We walked along the road after dark. Philippine Palm Civet Paradoxurus hermaphroditus philippinensis (Jourdan, 1837) or the Philippine Palm Civet is getting scarce in Palawan. Black-banded Squirrel: Common along the jeep track and seen daily. Most of the eyeshine we identified belonged to this species (though a good deal of eyeshine we picked up was never identified). Indeed Hari runs relatively few night tours along the river and I imagine that this species is easier to see in Way Kambas than the statistics would suggest. Morning: Pig-tailed Macaque, Long-tailed Macaque, Siamang, Agile Gibbon, Masked Palm Civet, Lesser Treeshrew, Sumatran Treeshrew, Wild Boar, Orb-faced Roundleaf Bat, Slender Squirrel, Black-eared Pygmy Squirrel. Maybe true, but there are species of Way Kambas (Sumatra) and Tangkoko (Sulawesi), 2018: Andreas Jonsson, 9 days & 32 species in Way Kambas, and another 5 in Tangkoko, including  Pen-tailed Tree Shrew, Trefoil Horseshoe Bat and Celebes Dwarf Squirrel. I used to breed fighting Different kinds of fruit bearing trees of shot. Geoffroy’s Rousette, Rousettus amplexicaudatus, Geoffroy’s Rousette: We set up a net in the gardens of Satwa Lodge on evening and caught one of these bats, Geoffroy’s Rousette, Rousettus amplexicaudatus, teeth.

    Hari is excellent at identifying animals before the rest of us, and always called them correctly.

    Sulawesi, Sumatra and a bit of Java, 2012: Dominique Brugiere, 7 weeks & plenty of mammals including Babirusa, Sulawesi Warty Pig, Anoa, Banteng and Javan Ferret Badger. Though I am not convinced by Johan’s wildlife spotting skills or some of his stories, he was reliable, charged a very fair price and knows the forest well so he has many qualities that you would like in a guide, though you might want to plan on finding the wildlife on your own.

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